What Is Z83 Form? How To Download Z83 Form and Fill


In this article we will briefly explain the various types of Z forms and what they are used for, and we will also elaborate more on the most important one which is the Z83 form for job application. 


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Types Of Z Forms

There are different types of z forms used in South Africa (SA) which are used for various purposes.

Some of the most common types of Z forms include:

  • Z83 Form: This is the most common Z form by job applications, looking to get a job in the public sector.
  • Z89 Form: This form is used to apply for a position as a commissioner of oaths.
  • Z249 Form: This form is used to apply for a firearm license. 
  • AR Form: This form is used for annual tax returns by individuals.
  • CTC Form: This form is used to register for the South African Revenue Service (SARS) as a taxpayer.
  • Bio Form: This form is used to apply for a South African passport.
  • M6 Form: This form is used to apply for a temporary residence visa for South Africa.
  • UI-2.8 Form: This form is used to apply for unemployment benefits.

When applying for any position in SA, It is important to note that there are many Z forms used in South Africa for various purposes, and it is very important to use the correct form for the intended purpose to ensure that the application is processed correctly with no mistakes. 

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What Is Z83 South Africa From? 

South Africa Z83 form is used to apply for government jobs. Every job advertised by the South African government through their official website or circular. It is compulsory that any interested person or persons will have to download the Z83 form and print it out for job application and fill in the required details.

The Z83 form is used to collect job applicants’ information, candidates who are applying for a positions in the public sector (National or Provincial) such as government departments and public entities. It includes standard sections that require personal information, employment history, education and qualifications, and other relevant details needed by the employment official. 

The purpose of the Z83 form is to ensure that all job applicants are assessed fairly and consistently. The form is also used to ensure that all applicants meet the minimum requirements for the position and that the recruitment process is transparent and accountable.


How To Fill In Z83 Form In 2023

When you find a government job or advertisement that you are interested in and want to apply, there are few important steps you need to take.

First of all you should take note of the job’s Reference No seen in the circular or advert. 

Secondly, download Z83 form and fill in the blanks by following the instructions on the Z83 form, attach a CV if required.

The following are sections of a Z83 Form:

Section A

Make sure to fill in the correct reference number, exactly as it appears in the job advert.

Section B

Z83 Form

If you are available immediately, you should put “IMMEDIATELY” in the last block, preferably.

Fill in personal details which include your surname, full names, date of birth, ID number if you are a South African citizen, passport number for foreign national.

Mark an “X” under the correct choice in the race section.

Mark an “X” for the Yes/No questions.

Fill in the additional information.

Section C

Fill in your preferred language for correspondence and mark or circle the method of correspondence you prefer to be contacted and fill in your correspondence details under Contact Details.

For example if you have marked or chosen “Email”, then fill in your email address.

Section D, E, F And G

Fill in the languages you speak by writing in the grey area and rate each language to state whether you’re ‘good’, fair’, or ‘poor’ under each language in each block.

Section E

Provide and state your qualification stating the name of the institution, the year you completed the qualification.

Section F

Provide your work experience information and the name of the company, position held, and time spent and state the reason for leaving the job.

Section G

Here you are required to give details of your references including their name, contact details, and the relationship.


Make sure to signature and date the declaration or it will not be considered.

How To Download The New Z83 Form

Visit the official website of the South African government, www.gov.za, and search for the Z83 form in the search bar, which can be downloaded and printed from the website.

Or alternatively you can DOWNLOAD HERE.

If you can’t follow the above process, you can visit the nearest government office or department that handles job applications, and request a physical copy of the Z83 form.

Once you have obtained a new Z83 form, you can fill it out and submit it to the relevant government department for consideration.


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