High Paying Jobs With Matric Only In South Africa


Getting a college degree is important and plays a huge role in getting a job. However, degrees are not a guarantee for a successful career. It is a common belief that college certificates or other high degrees are necessary for you to get a high paying job, as real as this may sound it is not entirely true.


There are several lucrative career opportunities available around the world including in South Africa that do not require a degree, there are many industries and roles where practical skills, experience, and specialized training are valued more highly than any college degree.

Let us explore some of the top high paying jobs in South Africa and the world that do not require a college degree, the qualifications and experience necessary to succeed. 

Top High Paying Jobs With Matric Only

Professional Driver

Driving is a universal job, a common occupation around the world. Many professional driving jobs only require a high school diploma or matric to get a top place in the driving industry. However, to become a professional driver, you will need to have a driver’s license or related certifications required for the type of driving you to want to do. 

For example, if you want to become a commercial truck driver, you will need to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and pass a series of tests and exams. Some driving jobs involve transporting people as taxi or bus drivers, while others involve transporting goods, such as truck drivers. There are a lot of opportunities you can get as a driver, especially when you have your bus or car, you can decide to work independently, work full time or part time as an uber and include other sources of income or side hustles.


Software Developer

Software Developers are in high demand in the job market and you have a huge chance of getting a developers job in South Africa if you have the required skills and abilities. Even with a few basic skills you can find a job with your matric certificate and earn good money. Software developers are responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining software systems.

Internships can be a great way for you to learn more skills required to become a professional developer, it provides you with the opportunity to gain practical and first hand experience working in a real world setting, under the guidance of experienced professionals. You can also gain knowledge by buying online courses that teach how to become a software developer, learn programming languages, and practice them.

Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers ensure the safety and efficiency of air traffic in and out of airports. They work in control towers or radar facilities, where they monitor the movements of aircraft and communicate with pilots to provide guidance and instructions.


While some countries may require you to have a college degree, others may only require a high school diploma or matric. However, air traffic controllers must complete some special training and certification programs to qualify for these positions, which can be very critical to handle.

The average salary for air traffic controllers in South Africa is 432,000 ZAR per year according to salaryexplorer.com.

Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents help people sell and buy property or properties and get their commission without the real owner interfering with clients. As a real estate agent, basic skills such as networking, communication skills, negotiation skills, and the ability to provide exceptional customer service are what contribute to a successful career as a real estate agent.

You can be a real estate agent with or without a matric certificate or college degree, it is pretty traditional, just like marketing and selling your property. If you are willing to put in the effort and have passion for the real estate business, becoming a real estate agent can be a rewarding and profitable career for you..


With matric only in South Africa and some other parts of the world, you can be an electrician after previously completing an apprenticeship or a vocational training program, which can take between 2-4 years to complete.

Becoming an electrician involve knowing the principles of electrical wiring, safety protocols, and how to install and repair electrical systems. And may need to obtain a license or certification to work as an electrician in some other country. In South Africa, for example, electricians are regulated by the Department of Employment and Labour, and you may need to obtain a trade test certificate to work legally as an electrician.


If you are interested in taking your passion for cooking to the next level, consider building a career as a chef. Chefs enjoy certain benefits such as having access to take home delicious food. Chefs do not need a formal degree to become one, it is important to beware that being a chef can be a very demanding and challenging profession.

To become a professional chef, you will need to have a great deal of skill, knowledge, and experience in cooking an ideal meal. Additionally, attend culinary school or receive some kind of formal training to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to excel. Chefs’ jobs are to prepare and cook food in restaurants and other food service establishments.


To be a mechanic, all you need to do is have the necessary skills of a mechanic. You don’t need to have a degree though a degree can create better chances for you in top companies.

If you don’t have the required knowledge or skill to be a mechanic you will have to complete an apprenticeship with a registered mechanic or workshop, work alongside an experienced mechanic and gain practical experience in the field.


There are a lot of internship programs that are being done in South Africa for those interested in becoming a firefighter. The requirements to for a firefighter include being at least 18 years of age, having a valid driver’s license, being physically fit and able to pass a medical examination, have a clear criminal record, a matric certificate (Grade 12) or equivalent, passing a series of tests, including written, physical, and psychological evaluations. The training is to enhance one’s skills and knowledge related to the field of a firefighter in South Africa.

If you can meet SAESI requirements, you can also directly apply to a training program offered by the Fire and Rescue Services SETA. These programs typically cover topics such as fire behavior, fire prevention, rescue techniques, hazardous materials handling, and emergency medical services. After completion of the program and certification through the SETA, you can then apply to become a firefighter with a local fire department.

Graphic Designers

As a graphic designer, you have to have the skills to communicate through art, using computer software or traditional techniques to craft visual images and designs suitable for a variety of purposes, such as social media posts, website designs, mobile app designs, web banners, and newsletters.

Unlike some professions, becoming a graphic designer does not necessarily require a college degree, by reading and practicing online resources, anyone can become a top-notch graphic designer by learning how to design online. From basic to advanced skills, there are thousands of courses and tutorials available online, offering guidance on how to get started and improve your design abilities. 

Content Writing

Writing content for blogs or websites is one of the best ways you can make money without any certificate. With the rise of digital media, there is high demand for quality content writers, and this demand is growing fast. If you are good at composing text and can do research on the internet to make useful and helpful content, then this is definitely for you.

You can build a career out of content writing, and even start a blog which you can monetize and start making money from it in a few months. Also, you can find online courses that can help you brush up on becoming a professional writer.


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