Benefits Of Having Matric Certificate Or High School Diploma In SA


Having a matric certificate is one factor that can play a huge role in your career chase if you intend to reach the top of your career with a bit of ease. A Matric certificate or higher school diploma shows that you have completed the basic level of education and possess certain knowledge and skills which can make you a more attractive candidate to potential employers and educational institutions worldwide. 


In this article, we Will be looking at why having a matric certificate is important.

What Is Matric Certificate?

A Matric certificate also known as Grade 12 refers to the final certificate issued to a successful high school graduate. Grade 12 is considered to be one of the most significant educational achievements in South Africa (SA). Obtaining a Matric Certificate opens up several doors for every South African student.

Benefits Of Having A Matric Certificate

Educational Opportunities

Successfully passing the last high school exam grants you access to further education in many aspects. Universities and colleges require applicants to have a Matric Certificate to enable them to apply and be eligible for admission. With a Matric Certificate, you can enroll in diploma, degree, or certificate programs (Intern) in a wide range of fields, including engineering, medicine, law, and more. Without a high school diploma or matric, students will not be able to pursue higher education.


Improved Career Opportunities

Benefits of having a matric certificate also include furthering your education in the educational sector, giving you a better chance in any career path you choose, and gaining access to various internship programs or skills development programs and vocational training.

When it comes to employment, employers in South Africa require their employees to have a Matric Certificate, and some companies will not even consider applicants without one. In most cases, jobs that require a Matric Certificate pay better and offer better benefits. Matric or high school diploma is an essential tool for advancing your career. 

Personal Growth

Before the awarding matric certificate to any student, they pass through a lot of processes from levels 1 to 12. High school education teaches individuals how to communicate effectively in writing and speaking. Students learn how to write essays, research papers, and reports, which improves their writing skills. During this process in school, students develop skills such as time management, critical thinking, and problem solving skills, which are valuable skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Completing high school successfully, automatically improves one’s skills in one way or the other. 


Improved Quality of Life

Your chances of getting a high paying job increase with matric certificates. Better job opportunities can lead to increased earnings, which can help you improve your standard of living and other opportunities that come with it.

Personal Fulfillment

Obtaining a Matric Certificate can be a significant source of personal fulfillment, a significant accomplishment that requires dedication and hard work for many South Africans. Completing high school and obtaining a Matric Certificate is a milestone for every child. Achieving this goal brings a sense of satisfaction and pride that is hard to replicate in any other way.

What Can I Do With My Matric Certificate?

There are two major things you can do with your matric certificate, which are Studying And Working.

If you choose to study further, you can use your matric certificate to apply for tertiary educational institutions such as universities, colleges, or vocational schools. You can also use it to apply for bursaries or scholarships to fund your studies.

On the other hand, if you choose to start your career, your matric certificate can be used to apply for entry level jobs in various industries. Some jobs may require additional qualifications or training, but your matric certificate can serve as a strong foundation for your career.

Regardless of whether you choose to study or work, it’s important to make the most of your matric certificate by using it as a starting point for your future goals and aspirations. 

Jobs You Can Get With A Matric Certificate

Receptionist: Receptionists greet visitors, answer phone calls, and perform other administrative tasks.

Data capturer: Data capturers are responsible for capturing data into computer systems accurately and efficiently. You will have to be good at typing and have good data entry skills.

Administrative assistant: As an Administrative assistant, your main duties include answering phones, filing, and data entry, and this typically requires good organizational skills and Microsoft Office usage. 

Sales representative: As a Sales representative you will be responsible for selling products or services to customers which will require you to have good communication and negotiation skills.

Customer service representative: Being a Customer service representative also requires you to have good communication skills and abilities to solve problems. You will be responsible for handling customer inquiries, complaints, and feedback.

Driver: To become a driver you will need a driver’s license in addiction to your matric if necessary, and your duties include transportation of goods or people from one location to another.

Warehouse Assistant: As a Warehouse assistant your duties include packing, loading, and unloading goods.

Security guard: Security guards are responsible for maintaining safety and security on a property or at an event, requires good observation and communication skills.

Cleaner: As a Cleaner, your responsibilities include maintaining cleanliness in offices, schools, hospitals, and other public spaces, depending on your place of work. 

Where Can I Get A Job With A Matric Certificate?

With a matric certificate, you can work in both government and private sectors, such as schools, hospitals, banks, councils, and other opportunities that could come along.

Also, you can choose to become a business person or an entrepreneur, look for problems that can be solved, and provide solutions such as goods or services.

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