Snr Inspector Security x 27 (Grade 12)

Job Title: Inspector Security x27 (GX) Hendrina Power Station

Position: Snr Inspector Security x 27

Vacancy type: External/Internal

Task Grade : T06

Area of Specialization : To protect Eskom’s assets and interest by performing physical duties.

Department : Risk and Assurance (Security)

Business Unit : Hendrina Power Station

Location : South Africa (Mpumalanga)

Reference Number : Gx HEN DP 253

Closing Date : 2/2/2024

Minimum Requirements

  • Grade 12
  • PSIRA: Grade C

Related Minimum Experience:

  • Guarding, patrolling and Access control: 2 years

Skills and Competencies

  • Leadership
  • Team player
  • Employee relationship building


  • Trustworthiness
  • Professionalism
  • Disciplined
  • Ability to interact at a senior level


  • Must be able to apply theoretical and business knowledge on the job.
  • Must be in a position to apply Good knowledge of governance, security legislation, protocol and situation monitoring


  • Knowledge of Eskom Security policies systems, directives and standards
  • Effective customer-care skills
  • Communication and stakeholder Management skills (supervisor, colleagues, customers and Management)


  • Physical ability – fitness to perform operational duties.
  • Psychologically suitable – perform under stressful and dangerous situations.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and must be able to drive

Key Responsibilities

  • Perform access control duties
  • Perform patrol duties
  • Perform Reaction/response team duties
  • Perform emergency preparedness duties
  • Perform guard duties
  • Perform general duties

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