Service Workers X28 – Local Municipality

Job Title: Service Workers (X28 Post)

Level: 15

Salary: R 130 480.80 R149 190.48 per annum

Applicable Benefits:

  • Municipal contributions to SALGBC recognized/ approved medical aid.
  • Municipal contributions to SALGBC recognized/ approved pension/retirement / provident fund, c) Any Statutory employer contributionsMinimum 


  • Grade 10
  • Clear criminal record
  • Minimum of 0-6 Months of Relevant Experience

Skills and Competencies

  • Ability to perform hard physical work in different and difficult environments.
  • Honest and reliable Use your own initiative and be proactive Healthy and physically fit


  • Walk, pick up and load refuse bags into the refuse vehicles.
  • Place clean litter bags on-premises. Cleaning spilled waste, sweeping, gathering, and inserting into refuse bags, and loading into refuse vehicles. Collecting refuse from business premises, lifting mobile waste containers or gathering and loading refuse bags into vehicles.
  • Move refuse to create space and attend to offloading of refuse from vehicles using hand-held tools at disposal sites. Remove and wash off debris from tools, containers, and/ or vehicles, applying disinfectants and using pressurized cleaning systems (hand-held hoses).
  • Placing and stacking tools in designated storage areas and/ or year, to review the previous year’s program and to draw the one for the current financial year. Report tool malfunctioning to Supervisor.
  • Arranging tables and/or chairs for functions in the hall such as dances, concerts, meetings, etc. Removes litter on public premises daily. Removes dead animals. Empty litter bins daily. Relieves staff on other refuse removal trucks when required. Removes refuse dumped illegally.
  • Distributes circulars to residents. Cleans public amenities, bus stops, and pedestrian subways. Removes carcasses from public places and vets. Keep the store properly packed and tidy. Clean the tools before storing them.
  • Slashing and removing plants and weeds using slashers, shovels, and hoes to enable access and ensure neatness. Render maintenance and burial preparation tasks at the cemetery. Ensuring that the security fencing is tight.
  • Open gates during daytime hours and make sure that the yards are locked and secure at night. Digging and preparing burial sites. Directing clients to plots allocated to them. Verifying proof of payments to people who bought the plots.


Forward your formal applications to: The Municipal Manager: Musina Local Municipality, Private Bag X611; Musina, 0900


Deliver the application(s) at Records Office at 21 Irwin Street, Musina. 0900


Send the application(s) via email to

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