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ECD Teachers Programme


Jul 11, 2023

Gauteng Educational Sector is recruiting 2,800 candidates for ECD Teachers Programme.

The Gauteng City Region Academy and HWETA (Higher Education and Training Association) are currently seeking young individuals who are passionate about becoming Early Childhood Development (ECD) teachers. If you are interested in pursuing a career in this field, this opportunity may be perfect for you.


About The Programme:

The Early Childhood Development Teachers Programme is designed as a comprehensive 3-year training initiative. Successful candidates will undergo specialized training to develop the necessary skills and knowledge required to excel in the field of Early Childhood Development. The programme aims to equip individuals with the expertise to support and nurture the  growth and development of young children.

This programme will offer candidates unique opportunities such as:

  • Access to funding and financial support throughout the duration of the programme.
  • Employment opportunities with reputable DSD/GDE funded NGOs/ECD centres.
  • Exposure to various work readiness initiatives to enhance professional skills.
  • Selection Criteria

Notice: Apply For Provincial Demand Coordinator X4

Documents Required:

  • Certified Copies of Grade 12/ NQF Level 4 Senior Certificate
  • Certified Copy of ID
  • Proof of Residence


  • Be Gauteng residents.
  • Have matriculated from a school in Gauteng.
  • Be passionate about pursuing a career in ECD education.
  • You should be younger than 33 Years old and you may not turn 36 during the programme




66 thoughts on “ECD Teachers Programme”
    1. I’m interested and I have tried a lot to apply with no luck
      If I press where I must apply at,it written as’tap touched reached limits.

    2. Im interested since well I have level 4 for a long time now I just need to grow in ECD programme thank You .

  1. I personally would like to have job. I’m graduati for ecd scientology no 03 July 2023 and I love working with children and I’m need the job

  2. I would love to be part of this ECD teachings program….. I love nd pationate with kids and I’m busy working with 0_3 years now…… I hv a matric.

    1. I would like to participate in this programme I have 2 years of experience inECd I also have level 4 qualifications now I’m studying level 5 online courses.

    1. I would love to attend the programme of ECD because I need to gain more knowledge about the children and I have 6 years experience working with them

  3. I would really like to have an opportunity in this ECD programme I love having time with kids n I want to gain knowledge and more on how to treats children

    1. I’m interested in ECD programs, and I have level 4 in ECD I want to progress in my course

  4. I am interested in this an hav a passionate of spending times with kids. An I have NQf level 4 in ECD, I would love to study feather

  5. Im very interested i like kids very much i have level4 and level5 i would love to study further

  6. I am Interested, already completed Programme in ECD at UNISA ,and completed Programme in Grade R at UINSA.

  7. I am interested in ECD programme I love children I am already in the centre were I am practicing

  8. I’m very interested I tried so many post but no luck..I do have care and love being around kids.

  9. Hi
    My name is Moipone Lemawana
    I will really love to be teacher one day I even try to work at cherch I love helping kids

  10. Candice
    Hi I’m interested in this internship but reside in KZN-Durban . Is it only for Gauteng, if not plz forward an address where I can apply. Thank you

  11. I’m interested, I studied ECD diploma. I have obtained N4,N5 and N6 certificates in ECD. I would love to further this course

  12. The requirements are very unfair in all levels some of us struggled since matric to get somewhere in life and are from rural areas with difficulty in finding opportunities.

  13. Hi, How do I apply for this ECD learnership program? I am in the Northern Cape can apply or is it only for GAUTENG residents?

  14. Hi would also like to know when is the ECD learnership programme coming out for western cape

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