How To Fix “Can’t Unsend Messages On Messenger”

Are you seeking out how to unsend messages on Facebook Messenger? In this article we will be guiding you on how to do so step by step and, we will also explain why you may not be able to unsend a message on Messenger.

When you can’t delete messages on Messenger then there is something definitely wrong somewhere. As users, we have also experienced this and it can be frustrating being unable to delete messages you wanted to unsend.

If you have ever mistakenly sent a wrong or incorrect message to someone you will then understand why the unsend feature is very much important to messaging apps.

Unsending messages can also help you have control over your privacy in the digital world. A situation where you don’t want certain shared information to fall into prying eyes.

Facebook Messenger has also recently updated their feature, at the time of writing this article, you can unsend messages from Messenger even after being seen by the recipient.

Usually, you will have to make sure that your sent message is within 10 minutes to be able to use the unsend feature on Facebook Messenger, but things change and Meta has made some updates, you can now delete older texts.

Messenger Remove Features Options

Messenger has two options when you want to delete sent messages on the app, these options are “Unsend” and “Remove For Me” option. These two options work differently, we will be explaining them to you in this article before proceeding o show you how to unsend a message on Messenger.


When you use the Facebook messenger “Unsend” feature, you can delete sent messages from your chat window and from the recipient’s chat window to maintain privacy. However, the message will be replaced by a text, alerting the recipients that a message was removed.

As easily said, using this feature can help you retract your statement or words that you wish you never sent. Or wish to keep private.

Remove For Me

Remove For Me” feature unlike “Unsend” removes sent message from your chat window without tempering with the recipient chat window.

This is important if you wish to keep your messages from prying eyes around you. And keep out friends and family from reading the text you sent when they get their hands on your device.

How To Unsend Message On Messenger

Messenger allows you to unsend text, photos, videos, and voice messages. If you accidentally send a message on Messenger that you don’t want the recipient to see, you can unsend it by following these steps:

Open the Messenger app and open the chat window where you sent the message you want to unsend.

Chat window

Tap and hold the message you want to unsend, on the pop-up menu below your screen click on “More.”


After clicking on “More,” on the display screen click on “Remove.”

Messenger remove

Tap “Unsend”  on the next pop-up to unsend the message.

Messenger unsend

Note: Using this feature will delete the message from the conversation for both you and the recipient.

How To Remove Message On Messenger

To remove a message on your chat window, follow the same steps on “how to unsend a message on messenger.” But in the place of “Unsend,” Click “Remove For Me” to remove the chat from your chat screen only.

Why Can’t I Unsend A Message On Messenger (Fix)

Many users have also made reports that they are unable to unsend messages using Facebook Messenger. The issue may include but is not limited to:

Out Updated Messenger App

If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to delete or unsend messages on Messenger, it means that your Facebook Messenger app is out of date.

To be able to use the new messenger feature where you can unsend messages at any time, make sure to update your app to the latest version on your iOS or Android devices.


If after sending a message and the recipient blocks you immediately after reading your text, you will not be able to unsend your sent messages. Getting blocked by a user or friend on Facebook Messenger restrict you from interacting with them.

Use Messenger App Or Web

If you are trying to unsend messages using a mobile web browser it won’t work. You can only unsend messages using the messenger app or on a desktop. If you are using a mobile browser you can’t unsend sent messages, so make sure you are on the app.

Check Your Internet Connection

To be able to unsend messages, make sure you have a good internet connection. Even while on the messaging app, if you run out of data or have a bad Internet service you may not be able to delete messages, and it may even fail to load your sent messages.

Hold The Massage

Lastly, to unsend messages you have to follow the right process as shown above. Hold the message for 2 to 4 seconds and click on <More><Remove><Unsend> to remove the message from the conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I permanently delete Messenger messages from both sides?

To permanently delete messages from both sides you must use the unsend feature on Facebook Messenger to remove the message for everyone.

Can you delete a message sent on Messenger before it’s read?

Yes. You can delete a message sent on Messenger before it’s read, make sure you long press the message and use the unsend feature.

Can someone see you unsent a message?

Yes. Someone can see you unsent a message. A notification receipt will be sent by Facebook stating your name follow with “unsent a message.”

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