How To Fix Can’t Join Kik Groups 2023

Have you tried joining a group with your Kik app or account and couldn’t? And you start wondering “why can’t I join Kik groups.” There are many reasons why you may find your account restricted from joining a particular or any group on Kik.

In this guild, you will learn the reasons why you couldn’t join the group that you are currently trying to join and how you can fix the problem yourself. 

As you may know, Kik is a popular messaging app that allows you to chat with friends, family, and even strangers. You can also join groups connecting with people that share similar interests, hobbies, or beliefs with you.  At some point, you might encounter issues trying to join Kik groups.

Why Can’t I Join Kik Groups?

To join a Kik group, you have four major ways of joining a group on kik which include scanning the group’s Kik code, using the group’s link, searching for the group’s name if it’s public to join, and getting added to the group by the group’s admin. 

If you are unable to join a group using any of the above methods, then there’s probably something wrong somewhere that you will need to figure out first before trying again. Consider the following:

Account Suspension

Kik has strict community guidelines that you must follow as a user. If by any chance you have violated any of the guidelines, your account might be suspended or banned from using most of the features Kik offers. When your account i suspended, you won’t be able to join any groups until the suspension period is over. If you think your account got suspended wrongly, you should contact Kik’s support team to appeal the decision they made.

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Group Banned

If the group you’re trying to join has violated Kik’s policy, the group may have been banned and won’t be operational as you thought it was, hence you can’t join the group.

Secondly, being kicked out of a group for some reason or reasons, trying to rejoin the group will be a waste of time, except when pardoned by the group admin.

And again, if you received a temporarily ban because of your misconduct or behavior in the last Kik groups you can’t join any other group, kik’s ban lasts a minimum of 30 days.

Group Limit Reached

Kik has a limited number of groups you can join at a time. If you have reached the maximum limit, you won’t be able to join any more groups until you leave some of the existing ones.

Group Privacy Settings

Kik groups can be public or private, and some groups might have specific privacy settings that restrict access. If you can’t join a group, it might be because the group is private and requires an invitation to join. You can ask the group admin to send you an invite or you can search for public groups that align with your interests and join. 

Outdated Kik App

If you are using an older version of Kik, you might experience issues trying to join a group due to bugs or glitches.

Bad Network Or Connectivity

Kik requires a stable internet connection to work well. If you have a weak or unstable internet connection, there might be some issues while using the app, including joining groups.

Why Can’t I Join Kik Groups

How To Fix “Can’t Join Kik Groups”

The best way to resolve the issue of “Can’t Join Kik Groups” is to follow these steps:

Let The Admin Add You

The best option for joining any group is by being added by the group admin. Connect with the creator and ask for an invitation link or ask the admin to add you to the group.

If the group is private or public, the admin has the power to add you to the group.

Check Group Privacy Settings

Make sure to check the group privacy settings before trying to join a group. If the group is private, ask the admin for an invite or search for public groups.

Group Limit

Before trying to join any group, you should be sure that you have not joined 2 or more groups within the same week. If you have joined any other group lately, then you should wait until the following week before trying again. 

Register A New Kik Account

If you think your Kik account has issues and you can’t figure out what exactly it is, you should create another account and try to join the group.

Appeal The Suspension

If your account is suspended, you should contact Kik’s support team to appeal the decision. Make sure to explain your situation clearly and provide any relevant details to support your case.

Check Internet Connectivity

Ensure that you have a stable internet connection while using the app. If you have a weak or unstable connection, switch to a different network or connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Update Your Kik App

Make sure that your Kik app is updated to the latest version, to avoid bugs and glitches. You should go to your App Store or Play Store to download or update to the latest version. The latest version might have fixed any bugs or issues that were causing trouble while joining groups.

Offload Or Uninstall And Reinstall

If the problem persists, you should delete or uninstall the app from your phone and download a fresh one from your phone store.

How to offload an iPhone app? Open your iPhone “Settings” and tap on “General“, “iPhone Storage“, Then find the Kik app, open it and tap on the “Offload” app button.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can Kik Ban You From Joining Groups?

Yes, Kik can ban you from joining any group if you have violated the their policy.

Why Can’t I Join Kik Groups?

You can’t join a group when you have been restricted or ban from joining groups on kik.

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