Why Can See Someone On Messenger But Not On Facebook [Fix]

If you can see someone on Messenger but not Facebook, there could be a few explanations to this. Such as the user deactivating their Facebook account and keeping messenger.

Facebook Messenger is a sub-part of Facebook that you can use to interact with friends and followers, aside from posting, commenting, liking, and other activities you can carry out using the Facebook app.

With Facebook, there is a big difference between permanently deleting your account and temporarily deactivating your account, which can play a huge part if you can see someone on Messenger but not Facebook.

Meanwhile, it is not common for users to encounter a situation. So, why does this happen? In this article, we will be exploring the possible reasons behind this.

Why Can I See Someone On Messenger But Not Facebook?

Deactivated Facebook Account

If you are seeing people on Messenger and not on Facebook it means that they might have temporarily deactivated their Facebook account.

When a user deactivates their Facebook account, they still get to use their messenger.

I Can See Someone On Messenger But Not on Facebook

If they want to get rid of everything, then they can very well delete their Facebook account. In such a case you won’t be able to find them both on Facebook or Messenger if account is deleted.

In a situation where you can find them on Messenger, it means that you will be able to interact with them on Messenger, even when their Facebook account is temporarily deactivated. Once they reactivate their profile, their visibility on Facebook will be restored.

Privacy Setting

One of the primary reasons why you may be able to see someone on Messenger but not on Facebook is their privacy settings. Facebook provides users with extensive privacy controls, allowing them to customize the visibility of their profile and various other elements. 

Anyone can restrict who can view their profile, posts, and even their friend list. If someone has set their privacy settings to friends only, their visibility on Facebook will be limited.

But they will still be on Messenger if they have been chatting with on Messenger without officially being friends on Facebook.

Blocked On Facebook

Another common explanation for this scenario is that you may have been blocked on Facebook by a person you can only see on Messenger.  Getting blocked on Facebook, allows you to continue conversing with them on Messenger.

Technical Issues

In rare instances, technical glitches or bugs within the Facebook platform can cause inconsistencies in the visibility of profiles between Facebook and Messenger.

Such issues are usually temporary and get resolved over time. If you’re experiencing this problem you should wait a while and check back later.

Can See Someone On Messenger But Not on Facebook [Fix]

Update Your Facebook App

Checking for updates and updating an outdated application can fix a lot of bugs. In a case where you are unable to find someone on Facebook, updating your Facebook app can help resolve the problem. 

Verify Blocked Status

If you can’t find someone on Facebook, you can simply ask them if they blocked you mistakenly or deactivated their Facebook account. With this, you might easily figure out what the case may be. 

If you are blocked, ask them to unblock you, but if they deactivate their account, you just have to wait until till they decide to reactivate it. Only then can you find them on Facebook.

Network Connection

While using the Facebook app or web browser, make sure that you have a stable internet connection. If your internet is bad Facebook may find it hard to load and show you results accurately.

Try switching from one wi-fi to another, or use a cellular network connection. 


When you can find someone on Messenger but not on Facebook, it can be attributed to privacy settings, being blocked, temporary deactivation of a Facebook profile, or technical issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not friends on Facebook but still on Messenger?

If you are not friends on Facebook, and you are still able to chat on Messenger, it simply means that you only messaged the person and they accepted your message requests. This means you can chat on Messenger even when you are not friends on Facebook.

Can you still message someone on Messenger if they unfriend you?

Yes, you can send a message to someone who unfriended you on Facebook as long as you were not blocked. But it’s entirely up to them to accept your message requests, without them accepting, they will seem unavailable to you.

Why can I not see someone’s Facebook profile?

If you can’t see someone on Facebook, it means that they have made their account private. And may have Permanently or Temporarily deactivated their Facebook account.

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