Why Are My Comments Disappearing On Instagram? Fix

Why Are My Comments Disappearing On Instagram?, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms used by millions of users worldwide.

The platform is used by individuals, businesses, and influencers to share stories, and photographs, and engage with friends and followers.

If you are here, there is a possibility that you are one of the many users on Instagram. You may be wondering what caused comments to disappear on Instagram after making one or trying to view comments.

In this article, we will be explaining the reasons why this error occurs on Instagram and possible fixes you should try.

Why Are My Comments Disappearing On Instagram

Instagram Filter

When you find out that your comment is nowhere to be found on a post that you commented on, it may simply means that it was removed by Instagram. A comment can only be removed from Instagram only if it violates Instagram policy or terms of use. 

This is one of the main reasons why you may find out that your comment has disappeared in the comment section. Instagram Filter eliminates online harassment and bully comments.

Instagram’s algorithms and automated systems help the platform to identify and remove offensive or inappropriate comments.

They analyze content for keywords with hate speech, and other indicators of abuse. If a comment violates the platform’s community guidelines, it will be removed to maintain a safe and positive environment for users.

Comment Turn Off

On Instagram posts, the person who posts content has the option to turn off comment feature on their post. If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to comment, see or view comments, there is a possibility that the owner of the post has turned off the comment section.

When the comment section is turned off for photos, reels, or video clips, there is no way you can add a comment to them except when and if it is turned back on.

Bad Internet Connection

If you are unable to view comments on a post, it might be that your network is bad, therefore failing to load the content correctly.

Instagram apps so much rely on a good internet connection to be able to load content without delay. And if you have no internet subscription, you will probably not see anything on the page or content aside from the preloaded content.

Blocked Accounts

Another reason your comments may disappear or you can’t post a comment on a post is if you are blocked by the user. Most people get blocked on Instagram probably because of the bad comment they made and other reasons.

It is always advised that you stay on good terms with friends and followers on Instagram to keep viewing their content and avoid getting blocked. When you are blocked there is nothing you can do in this case, than to wait or appeal to the person if you can.

Spam Comments

Instagram employs advanced content filtering and moderation systems to ensure that the platform remains free from spam, scams, and other undesirable content. If your comment contains is spam-related, it may get flagged and removed.

Certain words or phrases may trigger Instagram’s automated filters, causing comments to disappear. These measures are in place to enhance user experience on Instagram.

Deleted Comments

If the users have deleted your comments on a particular post on Instagram, you will not be able to find your comment except for other user’s comments.

Making a bad comment on people’s content can anger them to delete the comment, learn to stay friendly.

Technical Glitches and Bugs

As with any digital platform, technical glitches, and bugs are very common. Instagram is not an exception. Occasionally, these technical issues can lead to comments disappearing. 

Such glitches can be temporary and are usually resolved by Instagram’s technical team through routine updates and maintenance, you may have to check back on the comment later.

Comments Disappearing On Instagram

How To Fix Comments Disappeared On Instagram

Try Refreshing The Instagram Feed

Sometimes, comments may temporarily disappear due to a connectivity issue or a glitch in the app. Try closing the app completely and reopening it, or pull down on the screen to refresh the feed. This can help reload the comments and make them visible again.

Update The Instagram App

Ensure that you have the latest version of the Instagram app installed on your device. Developers frequently release updates that address bugs and improve app performance. Updating the app may resolve any issues causing comments to disappear.

Check Your Network Connection

Poor internet connectivity can affect the loading of comments on Instagram. Make sure you have a stable internet connection, either through Wi-Fi or cellular data, and try accessing Instagram again.

Offload Or Clear Cache And Data

If you’re using an Android device, clearing the app’s cache and data can help resolve certain issues. Go to your device’s Settings, navigate to the Apps or Application Manager section, find Instagram in the list of installed apps, and select it. From there, you should see options to clear the cache and data.

Keep in mind that clearing data will log you out of the app, so make sure you remember your login details.

For iPhone users, you can offload the app’s data to clear errors from the app.

Reinstall The Instagram App

If none of the above steps work, you can try uninstalling the Instagram app. Uninstall it from you’re device and then reinstalling it. This can help resolve any underlying issues that may be causing comments to disappear.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I block someone on Instagram, do their likes and comments disappear?

When you block someone on Instagram, their comments and like automatically disappear from all your content including reels, videos, and pictures.

If I unblock someone on Instagram will their likes and comments be restored?

Once blocked, unblocking them will not restore their previous likes and comments on your Instagram content.

What happens after someone unblocks you on Instagram?

When you are unblocked by someone on Instagram. You will be able to chat, view, like and comment on the user’s post on Instagram.

Why are my Instagram comments not showing up?

When your Instagram comments are not showing, it’s either you are blocked or it’s a simple glitch. Try closing and restarting the app to solve this issue, and make sure to have a good internet connection.

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