Where To Find The Publishing Tools On Facebook Meta

The publishing tools on Facebook are very valuable tools for businesses and individuals in many ways, considering the number of active users. There are approximately 3 billion monthly active Facebook users all around the world, which makes the Tools much more important for businesses and individuals in order to promote products and services, share news updates and connect with their audience locally and internationally.

For starters, we will be sharing guidelines on how to use and where to find Publishing Tools, which can be tricky, especially if you are new to the platform.

What Are Publishing Tools On Facebook? 

In simple terms, we can look at publishing tools as features that allow you as a user to create, publish, and manage your content. With this tool, you can edit posts and videos to promote your brand, engage with targeted audiences and drive traffic to your website.

Some of the key features of Facebook’s publishing tools include Content creating, Drafting, Post scheduling, Expiring posts, Audience targeting, and more. 

Content creating

With Facebook’s publishing tools, you have many options for creating your content, such as text, images, videos, and other. 

Post scheduling

This feature allows you to schedule posts and stories in advance, which can help maintain a consistent posting schedule.


You can draft posts you haven’t scheduled, published, or are yet to be completed.

Audience targeting

Audience targeting enables you to target posts to specific audiences based on factors such as age, location, and interests, especially when running Facebook Adverts to promote your content. 

Analytics and insights

With Facebook publishing tools you can access detailed analytics about your posts, including reach and engagement, and know what your audience are more interested in.

Expiring posts

This feature automatically removes old posts from your page after a certain date has been reached. You can set an expiry date on your Facebook post.

Stories Archive

With this feature, you can archive older posts or any post and stories for future reference or use. 

Create A/B Tests of Facebook Posts

This publishing feature gives data on Facebook posts that are more engaging and would appeal more to your audience, And this feature is only available in Meta Business Suite

Where To Find Publishing Tools On Facebook

Where is publishing tools on Facebook? To find these tools, Navigate to your Facebook or meta business suit side menu where you can see more and the detailed list of all the features. 

Most of the above features are available on the Facebook device app if you are yet to set up the new Facebook meta business suit that has all the above features. 

Let’s explain how you can use the tools or manager on your device’s Facebook app

1. The classic Facebook page

To access your publishing tools with your classic Facebook page, what you need to do is to go to your page on menu and open, and then click on ‘manage’ on your profile page to access the available features of publishing tools on the classic fb.

2. The Meta Business Suite

The Facebook Meta Business Suite has all the features of publishing tools since it was removed from the classic mobile version and launched for better performance and user-friendliness. The Meta Suite business tool is more efficient than the classic Facebook page publishing tools (Manage) and has a more interactive page and better features, allowing businesses to link and manage their Facebook and Instagram accounts in one place. 

This tool is only available on the Facebook web page, to log into Meta Business Suite click here, There you can create a business page and have access to lots of publishing tools features, including post scheduling, content creation, analytics and more as stated above.

How To Use Facebook Publishing Tools To Create and Schedule Posts

Creating and publishing posts is basically the first feature on the meta suite or publishing tools before getting to use other features that come with it.

Here is how you can create and schedule posts easily with the publishing tools:

1 : Visit your Meta Business Suite Facebook web page and find the publishing tools on your Meta Business Suite and create a business page if you don’t have one already. 

2: After successfully creating your page, Click on the blue “Create Post” tab available on the page in the meta business suit.

3: Use the text bar to insert captions for posts.

4: You can add media using the media tools on the page.

5: Hit the “Publish” button to post immediately or use the schedule feature in the drop-down menu beside the publish button after creating your content.

The Facebook Publishing Tools On Facebook Mobile App

Please note that the Facebook mobile app doesn’t provide the opportunity to use Facebook Publishing tool full features on your mobile, so you must use the Facebook web page to use all the available feature.

In conclusion, publishing tools are an essential part of managing a Facebook page, and they help users to promote their brand, engage with their audience, and drive traffic to their website. While finding these tools can be a challenge for new users, they are easily accessible through Facebook Business Suite. By leveraging these tools, businesses and individuals can maximize their presence on Facebook and achieve their social media goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t I have publishing tools on my Facebook page?

Note that full features of publishing tools is now only available and accessible with the Meta Business Suite Facebook using the web version. 

Where is publishing tools in Meta business Suite?

From your Facebook Feed, click Pages in the left menu and go to your Page. Click Publishing Tools at the top of your page in Meta business Suite

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