What Is the Self-Destruct Timer In Telegram?

The self-destruct feature on Telegram can come in handy to anyone and not just to big organizations with big data or communities.

Telegram is a popular instant messaging app and has gained a reputation for its commitment to user privacy and security. Along with its end-to-end encryption feature, it also offers unique self-destruct timer that lets you send messages with an expiration time, which is an added layer of privacy that ensures that sensitive information remains secure.

In this article, we will be sharing more details on the telegram self-destruct feature, what it is, and how to remove the self-destruct timer on telegram or turn it on.

What Is Self-Destruct Timer In Telegram?

Self Destruct Timer in Telegram is a feature you can turn on and have safe conversations with a friend or contacts. These conversations are then deleted with time, ranging from one second to one week depending on your preference which you can set while turning the feature on in a particular chat section, giving you control over the lifespan of your messages.

When the secret chat feature is turned on, it doesn’t allow you or the recipient to take a screenshot of the conversation and messages cannot be forwarded.

When the specified duration for your messages to automatically disappear reaches, everything conversation gets wiped from your device and the recipient’s devices.

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One of the primary purposes of the self-destruct timer is to protect sensitive or confidential information. Using this feature, users can ensure that their messages are not stored indefinitely on the recipient’s device or Telegram’s servers.

This can be particularly useful when discussing private matters, sharing personal information, or exchanging sensitive documents.

How To Set Telegram Self-destruct Timer

To start a secret chat with the self-destruct timer, you will have to set it. By following these steps, you can enable the “self-destruct timer” option on your Android or iOS devices.

Open your telegram app.

Open the contact chat box you want to make secure.

Telegram contacts

Tap on the contact or recipient’s name at the top (eg Michael G).

Tap the three dots at the top left corner of your screen.

On the drop-down menu select “Start Secret Chat” and tap Start.

Telegram Start Secret Chat

On the chat screen, tap the three dots at the top right corner again and select “Set Self-Destruct Timer.”

When prompted, select time range you want which can be between 1 sec to 1 week before the message disappears.

How To Remove the Self-Destruct Timer

As explained above, you can simply follow the same process to turn on and off the Self-Destruct Timer. Alternatively, you can follow the steps below:

Open the Telegram app on your device.

Go to the chat window or contacts where you want to disable the self-destruct timer.

Tap on the recipient’s name at the top of the chat screen.

In the chat settings menu, locate the “Self-Destruct Timer” option.

What Is the Self-Destruct Timer In Telegram?

Tap on the timer and select “Off” to disable the self-destruct feature for that particular chat.

Telegram self-destruct timer


The self-destruct timer in Telegram is a valuable feature for those who take their privacy and security seriously. It ensures that sensitive information remains confidential and does not fall into prying eyes.

While the self-destruct timer in Telegram provides a high level of privacy and security, you should remain cautious. You should take into consideration that the self-destruct timer does not prevent recipients from taking photos or videos of the messages using another device.

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