What Does “WBY” Mean on Snapchat? [Explained]

What does “wby” mean on snapchat? If you are familiar with the meaning of “What about you,” or “What ‘Bout You?” then it won’t be difficult to understand and know what “WBY” means on Snapchat.

When we get a glance at an abbreviation or an acronym on social media, we tend to be curious about its meaning.

If we don’t know the meaning of an acronym we tend to miss the meaning of a post or message passed from one to another.

Like any online communication media, you may encounter various abbreviations and acronyms such as Mhm, Hy, TY, and many others that can be confusing for newcomers or most Snapchatters.

Again, one such abbreviation is “WBY,” which is commonly used on Snapchat. So, what does “WBY” mean, and how it is used?.

If you are curious about what WBY means on Snapchat, in this article, we will be explaining the meaning and how you can use it to communicate effectively on Snapchat.

What Does “WBY” Mean on Snapchat?

WBY” means “What about you?.” It is a quick way of asking someone about their thoughts, feelings, or experiences in response to a previous question or statement on Snapchat.

What about you,” andWhat ‘Bout You?” Means the same thing on Snapchat, and in this case, WBY can also be used interchangeably without losing its context.

In Snapchat conversations, “WBY” is used to quickly ask someone a question. “WBY” allows you inquire about a person’s situation without typing out the full question.

The “W” Mean “What,” “B” mean “About,” and lastly “Y” mean “You,” all together “WBY” which therefore stands for “What about you.”

How To Use WBY On Snapchat 

For example, if you post or send a snap of yourself at a beach with the caption “Enjoying my vacation! WBY?,” You are asking the recipient or viewers about how they are spending their own vacation.

WBY is also used when you want to respond to someone, asking them the same thing that they asked you

Anybody can use the acronym “WBY” on any social media platform. The acronym or slang is not limited to Snapchat only.

Using these abbreviations helps speed up your response because you won’t have to type out the full spelling of “What about you,” all you need to do is Type “WBY” when asking a question.

Another Example

Alfred: Michael! Are you alright?

Michael: Yes, I’m fine. WBY?

Alfred: Am fine too.

What To Know Before Using Acronyms

Using abbreviations can sometimes lead to miscommunication or misunderstandings. Not everyone understands slang or all acronyms. So before you address your audience using slang, you should be sure that they will understand.

While “WBY” is commonly used on Snapchat. It is always important to be aware of the context and the relationship between the individuals involved.


“WBY” on Snapchat is an abbreviation for “What about you?” It is a quick way to ask about the other person’s thoughts, feelings, or experiences in response to a previous statement or question.

You don’t always have to address your audience with acronyms, not everyone on social media can understand slang. If you prefer using acronyms, make sure it is widely recognized, so that people can easily understand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does WYD mean?

WYD mean “what are you doing”? It is a short form to quickly ask a question on Snapchat or any other social media platform.

What does HMU mean?

HMU is just another social media slang or acronym that stands for “Hit me up.” HMU is used to ask someone to call or reach out to you.

What does MK mean?

Mk means “Mmm. Okay.” A way to say yes or respond without being completely okay about a subject, topic or action.

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