What Does Bump Mean In Messenger?

Bump in Messenger is a helpful feature as Facebook Messenger has been one of the best messaging app. It allows users to video/voice call, send voice notes, and many other activities. As the platform keeps growing, many features are also made available for it users.

Meta has recently introduced another important feature to Messenger. Which is known as “Bump,” and this is what we will be talking about in this article. We will get to know what bump means and how it is used.

What Does Bump Mean in Messenger?

Bump in Facebook Messenger is a feature that allows you to quickly resend past messages easily. To remind someone on messenger about a topic, you don’t have to retype or copy and resend the message. By using “bump” on message, Facebook Messenger will automatically notify (resend) the user with the previous message.

Now we understand that bumping a message helps you bring back a forgotten chat that needs a reminder. And it brings back previous chat to the recent (top) message. Which is helpful when you want to remind someone or get their attention about something.

You may be wondering how you can bump a message. Especially if you are just hearing about it, don’t worry, we will briefly explain that shortly. 

But before that, you should also keep in mind that, using the “Bump” feature on Messenger is not the only way you can remind someone about someone. Meanwhile, it can be thrilling and easy to use.

How To Bump A Message On Messenger

Just like unsending messages on messenger, to bump a message, follow the same steps to find the bump option:

Open the Messenger app.

Select the chat window that contains the message you want to bump.

Tap and hold on to the message and tap on “More.”

On the pop-up menu tap  “Bump” to bump the message.

After successfully bumping a message, your friend will receive a notification on the app, telling them that you have bumped a message, which in turn will respond to your messages if they wish to.

Bump messages

Reasons Why You Might Want To Bump A Message

  • You want to remind someone of something you said.
  • You’re trying to get someone’s attention.
  • You want to start a new conversation about something that was previously mentioned.
  • You want to keep track of a conversation that’s gone on for a long time.

What You Can’t Bump On Facebook Messenger

There are three main activities you can’t currently bump, which are rolled out polls, shared location, missed calls, and end-to-end encrypted messages.

The reason why you can’t bump the listed activities is very obvious, especially end-to-end encrypted where sent messages disappear with time duration.

Fix Bump Option Not Showing 

If you currently do not have this feature on your messaging app, there are a few steps you should take to fix the issue, which include:

Update Messenger

If you don’t find the bump feature on your app, you should update your messenger to the latest version to access all the new features it has to offer. Updating your application fixes bugs and brings out the new features that are implemented.

Clear Cache And Data

Clearing your cache helps to remove the previous version of the app, it refreshes Messenger and brings out the new one. If you are using an iOS or Android, you should consider taking this step to fix the issue.


Bump in Messenger helps you to remind someone of a previous message you sent that you think might have been forgotten. By bumping the sent test the recipient will get a reminder of the message.

There are alternatives to bumps, you can simply pin, forward, retype, or swipe the message to directly reply and remind the user about your previous topic.

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