What Are Instagram Drafts? And How To Use

There are a lot of users on Instagram who use the “Draft” feature. This feature helps Instagram users save unfinished posting or content that are valuable or important. Haven’t used the future ones? Don’t worry, in this article, we will outline the step you need to take and create a draft. Also, you will understand the real meaning of Drafting contents.

The draft feature in most social media applications is underrated, mostly because many users don’t have the idea of how to use it effectly and how handy it can be.

Instagram Draft

What Are Instagram Drafts? Instagram drafts allow you to save your unfinished or work in progress, such as uploaded photos, videos, written captions, used filters, and location tags. So that you can continue editing and refining them before posting or publishing them.

You won’t want to start from scratch, after spending time editing and putting contents together, then unfortunately couldn’t finish it at the moment. It will be painful to lose all that work just because you couldn’t finish it at the moment, this is where the draft option comes in handy.

The draft is like a “save for later” feature that lets you work on your posts at your convenience without you losing your progress. This feature is available on all devices such as Android and iOS devices using Instagram.

How To Save A Draft On Instagram

Before you can save a draft you must first create the content you wish to post or publish using your Android or iPhone device.

All you need to do is simply create a new post as you would usually do, select a photo or video from your camera roll, add filters, edit it as desired, craft a caption and add tags if needed. Then, instead of hitting the Share (✓) button, click the back arrow on the top-left corner of the screen.

You will be prompted to either discard the post, save it as a draft, or cancel it. Choose the “Save Draft” option, and your post will be stored in your drafts folder.

Steps to save a draft include:

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and tap the plus (+) icon at the bottom or on the Instagram home feed.

Step 2: Select and upload your preferred photo or video, you can also take a new one by using the camera (icon) option. Then click the Next or the arrow icon depending on your device.

Step 3: After completing step 2, it will take you to the editing stage where you can add other relevance, such as filters and adding tags. When you are done, click the back arrow in the top left.

Step 4: After clicking on the back arrow in the top left, again on the pop-up screen that will appear, select “Save Draft” to save your edits.

You can also create a draft for Instagram Reels and Stories by creating your content, clicking the arrow button at the bottom right corner to open the Share page, and hitting Save as Draft.

The simplest step to save a draft is by creating your content and clicking the back button or arrow key to use the “Save Draft” option.

How To See Drafts On Instagram

To access your saved Instagram drafts, simply start creating a new post as you normally would. When you reach the editing screen, you’ll see a section at the bottom of the screen, near your camera roll that says “Drafts.” Click on it, and you’ll see a list of all the posts you have saved as drafts. Click on the post you want to work on, and you’ll be able to edit it as needed before posting it. 

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Deleted Instagram Drafts

You can also delete any of the drafts by clicking the “+” icon, selecting the “draft”, and click on manage. Click edit (pen icon) at the top right corner, then checkmark the draft and click on “✓” at the top right and select discard to delete.

Deleted Instagram Drafts

Why Use Instagram Drafts?

There are several benefits to using Instagram drafts, including:

Time-Saving: Drafts allow you to work on your posts at your own pace, without the pressure to complete them in one sitting. You can start a post and save it as a draft, then come back to it later when you have more time or inspiration.

Consistency: To maintain a consistent aesthetic or theme on your Instagram feed, saving drafts can help you plan and organize your content. You can see how your drafts fit together and make adjustments accordingly.

Collaboration: If you’re working on an Instagram post with a team or collaborator, saving drafts can help streamline the process. You can share drafts with your team members to get feedback and make changes before publishing the post.

Backup: Saving drafts can act as a backup in case something goes wrong with your post. If your phone dies, your internet connection cuts out, or you accidentally delete your post, you can always retrieve it from your drafts folder.

In conclusion, Instagram drafts are a practical and helpful feature that can make your Instagram experience smoother and more efficient. Whether you’re an individual user, a brand, or a team, drafts can help you save time, maintain consistency, collaborate more easily, and act as a backup for your content. So next time you’re creating an Instagram post, consider saving it as a draft and see how it can benefit you.

You can visit Instagram help center for more details, hope this piece solved your problem.

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