How To Join Telegram Group Via Link

There are three major ways to join telegram groups which include the group’s invite link, search the telegram group name and direct invitation. Telegram is a popular instant messaging app with a lot of features such as Self-destruct timer and more.

At some point using telegram, you will probably want to join a group of communities or individuals with same interest. There are a lot of activities that are carried out on the Telegram app that you wouldn’t want to miss out on and most of these activities are done in groups.

In this article, we will be explaining how to join a telegram group via a link, direct invitation and using the telegram search.

One of the key aspects of Telegram is the ability to join and participate in various groups, which can be centered around specific interests, communities, or organizations. Joining a Telegram group via a link is a simple process. 

Joining a telegram group via link is a pretty straightforward process, the group admin need to send you the group’s invite link or you might come across the link through an advert or any other media. By clicking the invite link you will be redirected to the group, and all you have to do is click the “Join” button to join.

Steps To Join Telegram Group Via Link

First, get the group’s link.

Telegram Group Via Link

Click on the group’s link to get redirected to Telegram if the link is not already in Telegram.

Click on Join at the bottom of the screen to Join the group.

Telegram join button

How To Join Telegram Group Via Group Name

To join telegram group using the group’s name, you must have to know the exact name of the group to get the right results using a telegram search. Most importantly, the group must be a public group to see it in a telegram search else, you won’t be able to find it let alone join.

How To Join Telegram Group Using Search

Note the group name you want to join.

Telegram Group Name

Open Telegram and click on the magnifying glass at the top right corner of your screen.

Telegram magnifying glass

Type the group’s name on the search with “@” at the beginning of it. When it shows up, tap and click “Join” to join the group. You can search random names to join interest groups.

Group name example

If after typing the name, and the group is not in the displayed list click on show more.

And that’s, if you don’t find the group in the search, it means the group is a private one or the group’s name you enter is not correct.

Get Added By The Group’s Admin Or Get Invitated

One of the easiest ways to join a group on Telegram is to get added as a member by the group admin, or get an invite link sent to you directly to your dm by an admin or a member of the group. If you can get the details of a group admin, you can easily chat with them to add you. Especially when the group is a private one.


In summary, to join a Telegram group you will need to obtain the group’s invite link. This is a unique URL shared by the group administrator or members. After obtaining the link, open it to access a preview page displaying information about the group.

You can review group’s name, description, and member count, and preview its content before deciding to join, but not all. Simply tap the “Join” button at the bottom of the preview page become a member.

Reading any pinned messages or group descriptions can provide valuable information about the group’s purpose and expected behavior. Helping you have a healthy and enjoyable group experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Join A Telegram Group Without Link

To join a group without telegram link, contact the admin of the group to add you as a member. Keep in mind that admin can only add up to 200 000 members to a particular group. The rest can join via an invite link.

How do I find random Telegram groups?

You can simply use web dictionary to find random telegram groups. By searching the term “telegram web dictionary” on google you will find telegram groups that you can join using invite links.

Can public Telegram groups be changed over to private?

Public telegram groups can be changed to private group by the admin under the group’s profile settings.

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