How To Find Nearby People On Snapchat

Finding new friends on Snapchat can be tricky, so in this article, you are going to learn how to find nearby people on Snapchat and connect with them.

One of the features that make Snapchat unique is the ability to add friends and see their location on a map. This feature known as Snap Map which allows you to find nearby people on Snapchat and connect with them.

What Is Snap Map On Snapchat?

The Snap Map feature on Snapchat allows you to share your location and find nearby people on the app. As a Snapchat user, you can choose to share your location with other users. If you want people or friends to discover you anywhere in real-time, you will have to enable GPS or Location Services access for Snapchat and also disable Ghost Mode on your Snapchats Snap map, allowing other users to see your recent events or in real-time events and view your public stories from around the world.

Snapchat events are represented with blue spots on the Snap map, there are also other spots represented with red spots which indicates that there are a lot of Snapchat activities going on in the area by Snapchatters, these red spots are known as hotspots on the Snap map. Both the red and blue spots show where the users were when they were last active on Snapchat, 

How To Find Nearby People On Snapchat

Let’s begin learning how to find random friends on Snapchat that are close to you or near you using the Snap map. Your Bitmoji will mark your current location on Snap Map, and the blue spots in your area identify other approachable users or friends on Snap Map.

How do you find nearby Snapchatters on Snapchat?

Step 1: Lunch Your Snapchat 

To use the Snap Map feature you must have to download Snapchat and sign in or create an account on Snapchat.

The Snap Map feature is only available for Snapchat users. The map can not be used or function as Google Maps.

Step 2: Open Snap Map

After launching or opening your Snapchat app. Click on the Location Icon at the left button corner of your Snapchat feed to open the Snap Map.

Snap map location icon

Step 3: Allow Access

After clicking on the Snap Map, it will prompt you to allow or enable your device Location Service or GPS for accuracy. Snapchat needs access to GPS to accurately locate users and identify locations.

Snapchat Location services or GPS

Step 4: View Activities 

Snap Map shows your current location and the locations of your friends who also have enabled Snap Map. Move the map around by dragging your fingers, and zoom in or out by pinching or spreading your fingers.

Snap map blue spots and red spots

To find Snapchatters and find nearby people using a snap map, click on the blue spots on the map or the red spots to view their activities and stories. The red spots indicate that the user has a lot of activity on Snapchat.

Step 5: Add Nearby People 

Tap on the Blue Spot or Red Spot on the map to view stories of different people. Determine which you would like to be friends with.

Three dots Snapchat

Tap the three dots at the bottom right of the page of the person you wish to be friends with. From the prompt options,  tap on Subscribe to become friends.

Add Nearby People

Snapchat Ghost Mode

On the snap map, you can choose to appear in one of three different modes.

Ghost Mode: hides your location from everyone.

My Friends: shows your location to friends.

Only These Friends: which shows your location to selected friends or Snapchatters.

How To Turn On And Off Ghost Mode

To turn on or off ghost mode and select who can see your location on Snapchat, follow the below steps:

1: Open your Snapchat and go to your Snap Map

2: Click on the “Settings” Icon at the top right corner of your screen.

Snap map icon settings

3: Click on the toggle button to toggle off or on the function.

toggle off or on snap ghost mode

Note: If you turn off the ghost mode, you will options to choose between sharing your location with “My Friends,” “My Friends Except” and “Only These Friends.”

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