How To Find Deleted Friends on Snapchat

Deleting friends from chat list on Snapchat can be very easy, but getting them back can be tricky but not impossible. If you have mistakenly deleted or removed friends from your chat list, you can easily get them back and continue your mutual activities on Snapchat.

Finding deleted friends on Snapchat can sometimes be a problem for some individuals. This article aims to guide you through the process of finding deleted friends on Snapchat and shed light on the reasons why you may not be able to find someone on Snapchat after deleting them.

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How To Find Deleted Friends on Snapchat

How do you add someone you removed on Snapchat?

Use The Search Bar

Snapchat have a search bar in the add friends section. You can simply type in your friend’s Snapchat username or contact name to find them.

To do this, Open the Snapchat app and click on the add friends icon at the left top corner of your screen.

Snapchat add friends icon

After opening, Tap on the search bar located at the top of the screen. Type in the person’s username, display name, or any other identifying details you know. Snapchat will display relevant search results, including potential matches for the person you are trying to find.

You can click on the “All contacts” section to find your friends using their contact number.

If the above method isn’t clear, follow this link for a more detailed illustration. And for other methods you can use to find deleted friends on Snapchat.

Why Can’t I Find Someone on Snapchat After Deleting Them?

After using the available option above and you still can’t find deleted friends on Snapchat. It is safe to say and understand that you are either blocked or the user have deleted their account.

The user might also have been banned by Snapchat for violating Snapchat terms of use.

Changed Username And Contacts

Another probability is the user might have also changed their details on Snapchat. Finding a user on Snapchat requires the correct user name or contacts to find them. If you are searching for a Snapchat user with their old details (if changed) won’t bring out the expected results.

Inquire for the right details or ask the user to send you their Snapcode to accurately add the user.

Try Using Another Account

If you can’t find deleted friends on Snapchat, there could be a chance that they have blocked you. To verify if you were blocked, you can simply use a friend’s Snapchat account. Search for your friends username on the search bar in the add friends section. 

If you can find your friends using another friend’s Snapchat account, it confirms that you are blocked. It can also mean that the user’s details have been changed or the account was deleted or disabled.

Understanding why you can’t find deleted friends helps utilize various search methods, to increase your chances of reconnecting with them. Remember to respect other users’ privacy choices and follow Snapchat’s community guidelines while using the app. Happy snapping and rekindling those connections!

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