How To Create A Public Profile On Snapchat 2023

Creating a profile public on Snapchat is one of the feature that the Snap app features. You may have just heard about this, leading you here and have decided to make your profile public for some reason. 

In this article, you will learn how to make your profile public with your Android or iOS device on Snapchat and why you would like to make your profile public. There are Snapchatters who do not know the reason why Snapchat has this feature.

What Is A Public Profile On Snapchat?

A public profile on snapchat is a feature that allows your profile and content to reach people who are not in your contact list. If you would like to be discovered by other users around the world, you will have to make your profile public. This also allows other Snapchatters to see your username, bio, and your stories, spotlights, lenses and also lets them subscribe to your profile.

Public profiles are available to all Snapchat users who are 18 years of age or older.

How To Make A Public Profile On Snapchat

To create a public profile on Snapchat, follow these steps:

Open your Snapchat app and sign in to your account.

Tap on your profile icon in the top left corner of the screen.

Scroll down and tap on “Create Public Profile” below your profile page.

Snapchat Create Public Profile

You will be shown what to expect, Read and click “Continue“.

Tap “Get Started“.

Continue> Get Started >Create public profile

On the pop-up screen tap “Create” to make your profile public.

Once you have completed the above steps, a public profile will be created and anyone on Snapchat can view your profile, your stories, and the spotlights you marked searchable.

Snapchat public profile

Also, keep in mind that you can delete your Snapchat public profile at any time.

Why Make A Public Profile On Snapchat?

There are many reasons why you might want to make your Snapchat public. Here are a few:

Get Discovered

When your profile is public, anyone on Snapchat can find and follow you. This means your profile can reach a lot of Snapchatters or a wider audience than having a private account where you can only share your snaps with your contacts or friends.

Grow Audience

A Public Snapchat account helps you grow your audience, especially If you are an influencer or a creator. Creating a public profile is a great way to start, and by sharing interesting and engaging content, you can attract new followers and grow your audience.

Showcase Creativity

Snapchat is a great platform for expressing your creativity. With a public profile, you can share your snaps with the world and show off how talented you are.

Connect With New People 

Snapchat is a social platform, and one of the best ways to connect with others is to share your life with them. By making your profile public, you can let others know what you’re up to and build relationships with people from all over the world.

What Are The Downsides Of Having A Snapchat Public Profile? 

There can also be disadvantages to having a Snapchat public account. For example, you may be more likely to receive unwanted messages or attention, and if you share sensitive information on your public profile, it could be seen by anyone.

So before you decide to make a public account, you should take note of the above. The decision of whether or not to make your Snapchat public is up to you. Weigh the pros and cons carefully and decide what’s best for you.

Tips To Make The Most Of Your Public Profile

Add A Profile Photo And Bio

This will help people get to know you and what you’re all about.

Post interesting and engaging content

This could include anything from funny Snaps to behind-the-scenes photos to your thoughts on current events.

Use Relevant Hashtags

This will help people find your content when they’re searching for specific topics.

Interact With Your Followers

Respond to comments and questions, and be sure to like and comment on other people’s Snaps.

Promote Your Profile

Tell your friends and followers about your public profile, and encourage them to follow you.

By following these tips, you can use your public profile to reach a wider audience, grow your following, and connect with others.

How To delete Snapchat Public Profile 

If after making a public profile on Snapchat and you don’t like it or you have later changed your mind about it, you can simply delete the account.

Follow the steps below to delete your public account:

Open your Snapchat app

Click on your profile and select “My Public Profile“.

My Public Profile

On your public profile page, click on the three dots at the top right corner of your screen to open your managed public profile.

three dots on my public profile

Under manage public profile, scroll down to the end to see “Delete Public Profile.”

Delete Public Profile on Snapchat

Click on Delete Public Profile and click “Delete” when prompted to delete your public account.

That’s it.


To make a public profile on Snapchat, you need to click on your profile and scroll down to “Create Public Profile” and follow the prompt to complete the process.

Public profiles are mainly for business purposes, you can promote your contents or products reaching a larger audience.

Before creating a public profile, you should keep in mind that all the content such as snaps, stories and lenses will be reachable to the public or other Snapchatters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my Snapchat let me make a public profile?

You won’t be allowed to make a public account if you are under aged (under 18). Only adults are allowed to create public profile accounts. To be able to one, you must be 18 years old of age in your Snapchat account.

How long do you have to have Snapchat to make a public profile?

To be able to make a public profile with your account, your account must be 24hrs old after creating it.

Can you see who views your public profile on Snapchat?

You can’t see who viewed your Snapchat account or profile, But you can see who viewed your story and you do get notified when viewed.

Does Snapchat’s public profile pay?

Snapchat does not pay you directly, but you can help a brand run a promotion on a deal and make money, also you can submit quality Snaps to Spotlight for a chance to earn a share of over $1 million paid out each day.

What do 5k subscribers mean on Snapchat’s public profile?

As the name implies, 5k subscribers on a Snapchat public profile means that the user has up to or more than 5,000 followers on their account.

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