How To Clear Recent Searches On Instagram

For some reason, you may want to clear out your search history on Instagram, especially when they get too much and keep popping up as suggested or recent searches.

When you want to search for someone or something on Instagram, you go to the search bar located at the bottom of your Instagram down page. When you enter any keyword or phrase, they get saved or stored automatically.

This happens in case you want to search for the same key phrases in the feature, you can simply tap on it in the search history displayed below the search bar.

In this article, we will be discussing how to clear recent searches on Instagram, in case you don’t or like them showing up whenever you or someone else decides to use your Instagram account. 

We all know that, like any other app, Instagram keeps track of your activity, including your recent searches to help you quickly access previously searched accounts or hashtags.

Why Clear Instagram Search History?

There can be a lot of personal reasons why you may want to clear your search history. Many users may want to keep their search history clean, while some may like to keep what they search completely hidden or private to themselves.

Most time you don’t use your mobile device alone, friends or family members may want to take a pep at what you are doing with your account.

To keep things private, it is recommended that you clear out these search histories, especially if they are very sensitive.

How To Clear Recent Search History On Instagram 

When you decide to clear your recent searches for privacy reasons or to simply start fresh, there are many ways that you can do this.

Clear Recent Search History Via Search Bar

To clear your Instagram search history via the search bar or icon, follow the steps below:

1. Open the Instagram app and log in

2. Tap on the search bar or magnification icon below the Instagram page.

Instagram search bar or magnification

3. On the Search, tap on the text field and all your recent or previous searches will show below the bar.

4. On the recent search, you can simply tap the “X” sign next to the previously searched keyword or phrase to delete it.


5. You can also tap on “See all” to view all recent searches and click the “Clear all” button at the top right side to delete all.

Take note, when you click on clear all, you will be required to confirm the action on a prompt showing “Confirm” or “Not Now“. Click on “Confirm” to delete all your recent searches.

Clear Recent Search Via Settings

Alternatively, you can decide to clear your entire recent searches by following the steps below:

1.  Go to Your Instagram profile page located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Instagram profile

2. On your profile page, click on the three horizontal lines or dots located in the top right corner of the screen.

3. Tap on “Your Activity” in the pop-up menu.

4. In your activity, scroll down to “Recent Search,” Click on the “Clear All” button at the top right corner to clear all your recent searches.

How To Clear Search History For Multiple Instagram Accounts

Clearing search history for all your account individually can be stressful and tiring. However, they are a way you can do this by just clicking a button on the Instagram Meta Account Centre manager.

Follow the steps below:

1. To clear the search history for multiple accounts, go to your profile page.

2. Click on the hamburger icon or three horizontal lines at the top right corner of your profile page.

3. On the pop-up menu, click “Settings and Privacy.”

Telegram Settings and Privacy

4. On Settings and privacy, tap “account center.” Account centers allow users to manage all their linked Instagram accounts.

5. Understand Account Center, Tap “Your Information and Permission.”

6. On Your Information and Permission page, click on “Search History” and tap “Clear all” at the bottom of the page.

Remember to select “all time” to clear all search history on all your Instagram accounts or you can select time frame you want to delete it’s history.

Auto Delete Search History

Instagram features the ability to program your account to auto-delete search history when the set time is reached.

Anyone can turn on Auto delete Instagram search history.

To do this, go to the Settings and Privacy page on your Instagram profile. Then click Account Center> Your Information and Permission page > Search History> Keep Searches For  > and finally select the duration ranging from 3 days to 30 days.

Instagram search history delete between 3 days to 30 days set

And your search history will automatically be deleted by Instagram whenever the set duration is reached.


Instagram provides an easy way to clear your recent searches, allowing you to maintain privacy and start fresh and reorganize your search history.

Following the steps above, you can clear your Instagram search history using your iPhone or Android devices, the Instagram app, or your web browser. 

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